How to Calculate Gas Mileage

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There are some factors that go into how to calculate gas mileage. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rates new vehicles based on their fuel efficiency, and a lot goes into each fuel efficiency rating. But as many of their disclaimers state, actual mileage may vary. If you’re looking for an easy way to calculate your gas mileage,Western Motors Fresno is here for Visalia drivers. Read on below for more gas mileage calculator information!



Understanding Good Gas Mileage

Many different people have different standards for good gas mileage. SUVs can have good gas mileage, but their gas mileage will likely fall behind compared to something like a compact car. The same is also true when comparing gas-powered vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles will generally be more fuel efficient.

It’s important to keep in mind what you think your gas mileage will be or should be based on the make and model of the vehicle. It’s also important to research any new or used vehicles that you think will match the gas mileage you’re looking for.

Using a Gas Mileage Calculator

Now, let’s learn how to calculate gas mileage. Here are the steps:

  1. Completely fill your gas tank and rest your trip odometer or take a record of your exact mileage after you’ve refueled. Note how much your gas tank holds by reading your owner’s manual.
  2. Drive your vehicle as normal. If you ever accelerate more briskly or slowly, or if you drive differently than normal, your calculated gas mileage may differ from what you record.
  3. Refill your tank and record the mileage. If you wait longer to refill, the calculation will be more accurate because it will be based on more balanced driving conditions.
  4. Divide the number of miles you traveled by the number of gallons of gas your vehicle took to refill. In sum, that is the miles driven divided by the gallons of gas used.
  5. If you forget to record how many gallons were added to your tank, you can roughly go by the amount your tank was at when it was refilled (i.e. ¼, ½, or ¾) and then divide the total tank capacity to come to the number of gallons refilled. Then, divide the miles driven by that approximation. This will be less accurate because the gas gauge in some cars isn’t always 100% accurate.

Maximize Your Gas Mileage in Fresno at Western Motors Fresno

Learn more about how to calculate gas mileage and about great, fuel-efficient vehicles at Western Motors Fresno. We have a variety of service tips for your vehicle, and it’s always a great idea to schedule regular maintenance to keep your car as fuel-efficient as it can be for Madera roads!


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