How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

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Replacing your car’s battery is one of those inevitable costs of automobile ownership. How long do car batteries last? The typical car battery can last up to five years on average, depending on a number of variables. Our service center team wants to help you keep your car running in top shape on our Fresno roads. So, we’ve put together the guide below on average vehicle battery life and how to tell if it’s time to do a car battery change.

How Long Do Car Batteries Last, Usually?

Like we said, every Visalia driver will eventually have to get a battery replaced. So, how long do car batteries last, exactly? The average vehicle battery life is three to five years. But that can vary depending on multiple factors. Batteries in cars that need to be started several times a day for short trips generally don’t last as long as the ones in cars that are taken for longer trips. Harsh weather conditions are likewise rough on a battery.

Indications It’s Time for a Car Battery Change

Even before it has reached the average vehicle battery lifespan, your car’s battery may be showing signs of imminent failure. Check for the signs below so you don’t end up broken down somewhere in Clovis.

Indications It’s Time for a Car Battery Change

  • Your car takes a long time to start
  • There are bulges in the battery
  • The check engine light is flashing (there could be other reasons for this)
  • The battery has leaks

Telling for Sure Whether You Need a Car Battery Change

There are two ways to tell for sure if your car needs a new battery: schedule an appointment with our service center so that we can check your battery or test it yourself at home. If you prefer to test it yourself and happen to have a multimeter lying around, follow the steps below:

How to Test a Car Battery

  • Connect a multimeter to the positive and negative terminals while the engine is not running. You want to see voltage around 12.6 volts.
  • Start the car and check the multimeter.
  • Ideally, the voltage should be around 10. If it drops below 5 volts, replace your battery.

Let the Trained Professionals at Western Motors Fresno Help

Our trained battery experts have all the right tools and equipment to troubleshoot any battery issues and get you back on the road in no time. So, schedule an appointment. And, if you found this guide to be helpful, check out our other tips and advice, like our guide on how often to rotate tires. We’re just a short drive away from Madera, so drop by or contact us today.

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