Road Trip Tips For The Summer

November 12th, 2020 by

Summer is finally here, and even though we are in a pandemic right now, we can still have safe and good fun. The best thing to do as a family is to go road tripping to places that aren’t crowded and be surrounded by nature in the safety of your own car. Road trips might seem like a hassle or too much work and preparation, but we are here to show you some tips and hacks to make it easy and fun.

Tips to Be Prepared

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In this section we will be showing you some tips to do before you hit the road. Some things you should always bring extra are batteries, maps, and hand sanitizer. You should bring extra batteries for your fob key so you won’t get locked out of your car or have a low battery and not be able to start your car. A tip you can use to increase the signal of your fob key when looking for your car is to place it under your chin when pressing the button. If your headlights look a little foggy or dirty, you can use any toothpaste available to clean it. To check your tires, you can use a penny by placing it between the treads. The tread of your tires should reach ¼ of the penny to be considered good and ready for the road trip; if not, you should check the air pressure or get new tires. You should also download apps that will be useful during the trip like map apps, food review apps, and gas price apps.

Car Organization Tips

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The key to a successful and stress free road trip is good organization. Take time to assess the space available and how you can utilize it to optimal organization so when you are on the road you are not stressing about having too much overflow and looking for things for hours. First you should store all items that are not needed during the car ride in the trunk so it doesn’t take up leg room and seating room. You should also consider bringing with you a multi-outlet adapter because you will be using more than one device on the long drives and you don’t want people fighting over who gets to charge their device first. This is really helpful when you are using a GPS, using your phone to look up places to stop and eat, and keep others like the kids entertained all at once. You can place the multi-outlet adapter in the center console so everyone can reach it and keep all the cords organized. Wearing shoes the whole car ride can be tiring and uncomfortable, so an easy organization tip is to store shoes under your seat. This allows for easy access while not taking up any available space on the floor making it uncomfortable. You should also invest in a car tote that is used to store items that is not immediately needed but can be used when you need entertainment like books, devices, snacks, etc. You can place the tote behind the center console for easy access for all people in the vehicle.

Road Trip Hacks

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These hacks are tips that will keep your car organized and as clean as possible during the road trip. One tip we found useful is using an empty plastic cereal container and placing a trash bag inside for a small DIY trash can that will fit in your car to avoid trash piling on the sides of the doors. Once you are done with your tissue box, you can also use it to hold your plastic trash bags. You can also reuse any small plastic container like a gum container to keep your loose change in for easy access when passing through tolls or paying for parking spaces. You can use cupcake liners and place them in cup holders so if any drinks or crumps fall, you can easily avoid stickiness and messes.

Tips for the Kids

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Traveling with kids may be the hardest part in going on a road trip, but here are some tips to make it a bit easier to entertain them and organize there many things they brought along. The best thing to bring along with you is a shoe organizer that you can hang on the back of the passenger seat to place all of the kids’ toys, snacks, etc at arms length away. If you have an extra empty seat, you can also bring along shower caddy or dish caddy to store more items and keep organized at the same time. To store snacks in the healthy portion sizes is by using a craft box that has multiple and equal spaces. This allows for lots of variety and easy storage. To keep the kids entertained, you can buy a car mount for Ipads to be placed on the back of the passenger headrest. Using an easy elastic keeps the Ipad secure and the kids distracted for a short while of the road trip.


We hope these quick and easy tips help with your future road trips and make you excited instead of stressed for the amazing adventure. Stay safe on the road and outside of the car. Remember to keep practicing social distancing whenever you stop during your road trip and wear face masks. Road trips are ideal family adventures to take right now during this pandemic because you still stay safe in the comfort of your car, can be away from a lot of people, and get away from what you are used to. Stay safe and enjoy your road trips!

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