Car Shopping During The Holiday Season

November 12th, 2020 by

We all know how stressful it is car shopping during the month of December. With Christmas around the corner and the New Year coming up, some of us want to complete our end of the year goals, wether that be purchasing or leasing a new car. Below we put together five helpful tips to make car shopping during the holiday season easier for you.

Have Your Research Done Before

You’ve probably heard these words many times when looking to buy a car, but having your research done before going into the dealership to purchase a car will only make the situation less stressful and flow smoother. Prior to going to the dealer, having your work done online will give you an idea of the numbers you’ll be looking at when it comes time to the payments and helping you choose a car that fits your budget. The more research you do, the easier the process of purchasing a car will be.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car During Holiday Season?

Once you’ve decided on your perfect car, don’t forget to think about the best time to buy it. Don’t shop during the weekends, your best bet for finding a car of your liking will be during the weekdays. With wait time not being too long. Also less customers can also mean more time to negotiate for a better price.

Wake Up Early During Holiday Season

Getting to the dealership early will put you in the best position to give the dealer your full attention, rather than multitasking with the other visitors. As the shopping days wind down, more and more customers will fill the dealer. As the old saying goes “the early bird gets the worm!”

Prepare For Chaos During Holiday Season

The holiday craze will make it look chaotic at the dealership. It’s impossible to predict what you’re going to encounter, so try to prepare for the unexpected, such as having a client take a while longer with a sales representative or a delay in getting through the paperwork. Being able to deal with all the punches they throw at you will help you stay on track and get you through the day.

Explore The Alternatives

Even with the best plans planned out during the holiday season, the car-buying process will always have some twists and turns. Maybe the vehicle you really want turns out to be unavailable; maybe the car you test drove thinking it was the one and once you drove it decide it’s not for you and/or maybe with the sales price you’ll notice some extra costs. As you do your homework (like we mentioned in the first step), try searching for two or three other cars that would fit you within your price range. You’re going to be ready for the inevitable and not stand on the lot stranded.

Visit The Finance And Insurance Office

The department of finance and insurance (F&I) is where everything gets worked out financially and the purchase of your vehicle is completed. Getting this right is extremely important because the contract is final. If you’re buying a car on loan, make sure the F&I broker brings up all the specifications and discounts. If you find that part of your transaction has not been listed or misunderstood with any of the documents, please do not hesitate to ask!

Final Word…
Remember, purchasing a car is a big responsibility, you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. It may take some work and preparation, but ultimately these few things will make the holiday season and the coming New Year more merrier than getting behind your brand new car’s wheel.

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