Four Financing Tips When Purchasing Your Next Car in Fresno, CA

If you know you don't have the budget to support a brand-new car, why would you waste time shopping a showroom filled with tempting transportation that will try to get you to neglect your spending limit? Why not instead find a used Fresno dealership where you'll encounter a fully-stocked inventory of pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs? At Western Motors Fresno, we cater to any Fresno driver with a cap on how much to shell out for a set of wheels. We also help those who are currently battling no or bad credit.

By receiving the expertise and guidance of our used finance center at Western Motors Fresno, neither your credit history nor budget will serve as roadblocks preventing you from getting inside the right vehicle to support your California driving patterns. The auto-finance specialists we employ at our Fresno dealership know the keys to success and have outlined four financing tips to keep in mind as you move forward on your next purchase.

  1. Know Your Credit and Budget: Whether you have no credit or bad credit, it's important to know the details to be fully transparent with our finance team so that we can help. It's also important to know what you can and stick to it regardless.
  2. Get Pre-Approved for Your Auto Loan: By having pre-qualification behind you, you'll feel more confident when shopping for your next used car. Fresno drivers can pre-qualify through our online application that goes straight to a finance professional.
  3. Consider a Larger Down Payment: Given your credit history, you may struggle with the size of auto loan that a bank or lender will give you. Choosing a higher down payment (20 percent or more) can help give yourself more used vehicle options.
  4. Choose a Shorter-Term Length: To save more money in the long run, we recommend a shorter term for your loan rather than stretching out your payments. By paying off your loan earlier, you will accrue less interest over time, which saves you more.

Regardless of your credit history, the team members at Western Motors Fresno want to make it possible for you to get behind the wheel of a used car, truck or SUV that fits into your budget's set boundaries. Adhering to these four financing tips will ensure a positive purchase experience near your Fresno home. Start shopping at your used car dealer today.

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