What’s the Difference Between Hybrid vs. Electric Cars?

EV Charging Station with Chevy Models

Lots of Fresno drivers have had enough of gas-powered vehicles and are making the switch to more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars. If you’re considering the change, you might be curious about the difference between hybrid vs. electric cars and which might be best for your Visalia commute. Here, Western Motors Fresno compares hybrid cars vs. electric cars so you can make an informed decision, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars Defined

So, what’s defines a hybrid car vs. electric car? Find out below. 

What is a Hybrid Car?

When considering a hybrid vs. electric car, note that hybrid vehicles are still gas-powered, but they use much less. Unlike traditional gas-powered cars, hybrids aren’t fully reliant on a gas engine for power because they also have a second electric motor. The gas engine and electric motor work jointly to provide power as you drive around Clovis providing enhanced fuel efficiency. The car uses battery power first and then automatically switches to gas when the battery gets low on charge. Plus, the electric motor in hybrid vehicles self-charges, so you never have to plug it in. 

What is an Electric Car?

An electric vehicle (EV) runs only on electric power. There isn’t an engine, only a battery and an electric motor. The battery in EVs is much more extensive than in hybrids. Electric vehicles can be charged at home or in public; anywhere there is a charging station. Your range will vary depending on the make, model, and type of charging station.

Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars are a good choice for those Madera drivers who are a little uneasy about making a complete switch from gas to electric. You’ll be able to enjoy significant fuel savings without having to change your driving habits much. Other benefits of hybrid vs. electric include:

  • The car battery charges itself
  • You can stop and get fuel at any gas station
  • Hybrids are typically more affordable than EVs

Bottom line? A hybrid car is probably the best option if you have a long commute out of Fresno or want the freedom to go on road trips but don’t want to worry about running out of power. 

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Electric cars vs. hybrid cars eliminate the need for gas, leading to significant savings. If your goal is to increase your efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint, an EV may be right for you. Common benefits of EVs include:

  • Quieter ride with no engine noise
  • Low or zero tailpipe emissions
  • No time or money spent on gas 
  • Fewer maintenance costs because there is no need for oil changes or engine upkeep
  • Flexible charging options, including at home and public options
  • Potential tax incentives depending on your location 

Bottome line: If your daily driving is mostly quick trips around town, an EV is probably best. You’ll find that the amount of public EV charging stations is continually increasing, so it’s only becoming easier to plan road trip routes for charging. 

Compare Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars at Western Motors Fresno

Now that you know more about hybrid vs. electric, whether you’re leaning towards a hybrid car or electric car, Western Motors Fresno can help. Browse our used vehicle inventory and contact us to arrange a test drive. We invite you to fill out a finance application and contact us today!

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