Advantages of Buying a Car from a Dealership vs. Online

November 12th, 2020 by

Today, buying a car from a dealership is not the only option you have. Buying a car is just a piece of cake and you can do it easily online. There are lots of popular automotive research and retail sites from where you can easily buy a car online. However, dealerships are still as popular as they used to be because they offer you the extra space to negotiate both the price and terms of financing.

There are many car lovers who still like to take the typical route and visit a dealership before making any purchase decision. If you’re confused between both the options, hold on with us as this post will help you decide why a dealership could still be a better option than buying online.

The Overall Car Buying Process Is Faster
Although the turnaround time when buying online is much faster than a dealership, the entire process may actually be more time-consuming.

This is so because the online car retail sites generally don’t sell the cars themselves but have sellers listed on their site.

You’ll have to message back and forth with the seller and set a meeting time, which could take days or even weeks.

On the other hand, though you may not be able to drive away the car the same day from the dealership, the overall process is still much faster.

You May Get A Better Deal With A Dealership
It’s not possible to negotiate while buying online. Online, you get a fixed discount on the MSRP whereas at the dealership, you can easily negotiate it down the traditional way. That way, you may be able to get a better deal with the dealership as many dealerships aren’t ready to lose a customer.

Special Financing Offers
If you’re buying your car online from sites like craigslist, chances are that you’re buying it from a private party in which case they won’t be able to offer you special financing offers.

On the other hand, things like buy-here-pay-here for bad credit buyers are more popular with dealerships.

Many dealerships have their own financing arrangements in which case you don’t have to go to a private party financing from a lender.

Most dealerships also try to craft a financing offer according to your needs and financial status.

Extra Features
Dealers often provide you with the option of adding extra features/accessories to the car. This option may not be available if you buy the car especially if the seller is a private party.

You can easily get these features/accessories installed at the dealership itself buy paying an extra price.

When buying online, if you wish to get extra features/accessories installed, you may have to buy it yourself from the after-market and then get it installed at an auto-detailing center. That would be too much of extra work when you can easily get it done at the dealership.

Quick Answers To Your Inquiries And Doubts
At the dealership, they are an expert in what they do. They can answer almost all of your questions instantaneously.

You get our doubts cleared on the spot in almost no time so that the buying process can be shortened and you get to drive away the car sooner.

On the contrary, if you’re buying online, you’ll have to wait for a while to get your questions answered. Sometimes, your questions may be a bit technical and only the seller can answer them.

So, the online website will have to connect you with the seller which can be a time-taking process.

Lesser Chances Of Buying A Lemon
At a dealership, the chances to buy a lemon are much lower. You get to physically visit the dealership and get the car inspected by licensed personnel.

However, online sellers don’t go out of their way to make sure the vehicle is functional. You would have to get it inspected yourself.

Bottom Line

Those were some of the benefits of buying a vehicle from a dealership rather than buying online. While some people may find buying online more convenient, the dealership is still one of the best options today because you to get to see things in front of you.

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